Fill your bookshelf by visiting Fara Books

Fara Books will be opening soon in a vacant shop space in North Lane, opposite Teddington Essentials (near Tesco).

The used book shop will add to Fara’s two existing charity shops in Teddington – the main one next door and Fara Kids at the other end of the high street.

The books on display are collected from various nearby shops and as with all of their stock in general are all of sellable quality. There will be all the usual titles that you would find on a book shop shelf: hard/softbacks, novels, reference and also some specialist sections like philosophy.

The owners are aiming to have the shop open by Wednesday 12th August 2009.


0 thoughts on “Fill your bookshelf by visiting Fara Books

  • I popped into that shop yesterday….Wow, it`s imazing there! Absolutly fantastic, a wight range of different kinds of books, good values, friendly staff etc.

    Well done!

  • True. Best second hand bookshop wight and bright.


  • Marlee Thompson

    I think it is great and went yesterday and bought Inkheart which I have read and think it was well worth it LOL πŸ™‚ and going back today xxx

  • FaraBooks

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you so much for the nice comments. Since we opened the shop six weeks ago, we have had such nice feedback from all our customers, which makes us really proud and happy! It is an absolute pleasure working for such nice people like you!

    We have got different sections and to give a rough idea, here is a short list:

    – fiction: romance
    – fiction: crime/adventure/thriller
    – science fiction/ fantasy and thriller
    – gardening/animals/nature
    – cooking
    – art
    – general knowledge
    – dictionaries
    – foreign languages, fiction, non fiction, classics (French, German, Italian… etc.)
    – Politics, History, Psychology etc.
    – Biographies
    – Health
    – Mind, Body and Spirit
    …and….our bestseller: kids books


    Again Thank you all so much!

    Kind regards

    Linda, Vera and Team

  • ChrisAngel

    The lovely people in Fara Books found and kept for me a used copy of The Book Thief. The service they offered was wonderful – it took perhaps 3 days for them to locate the book and call me to say it had arrived in the shop – and I will buy many more books from them. On the subject of The Book Thief itself, it’s a book filled with the heights of kindness and the depths of despair – easily the most powerful book I have read in a number of years.

  • I visited Fara Books a few weeks ago with my daughter who is studying for her A levels then off to University next year (she’s just been accepted!) πŸ™‚ The books were of excellent quality, well organised and the staff were lovely and helpful. We purchased a gorgeous, beautifully bound old Thesaurus, several classic novels and a couple of quirky titles. Although I live in Shepperton, I’ll be visiting again before Christmas. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


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