Royal Parks

Royal Parks independent report published

The full results of a Royal Parks public consultation into several issues has been published online. The responses to the survey have been received from a wide range of residents, visitors, groups, sports clubs, traders and MPs.

Friends of Richmond Park, have criticised the report because it combines results for Bushy and Richmond Parks on key issues despite different factors (and probably results) being returned for both areas.

It has become clear after several notable demonstrations and petitions that there is an overwhelming majority against car parking charges in both parks but the government are expected to take until the end of the year before any decision is made on the issue.

The Royal Parks own study confirms these widely-held opinions with 84% of responders not in favour of the charges.

Other hot issues surveyed in the study include:

  • Parking charges and cost
  • Maximum stays for parking
  • Allowing private hire vehicles carrying advertisements into the parks
  • Introducing new lower speed limits
  • Horse owners clearing up after their animals


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