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Proposed ward boundary names: have your say

PlanningRichmond Council are holding a public consultation concerning the much debated ward names of “Hampton Wick” and “Fulwell and & Hampton Hill“.

Many residents who live in the parts of these wards consider themselves part of Teddington – quite understandably considering that their address points to this. The proposal is to tweak these names to reduce any confusion concerning ward membership – the proposed names are “Hampton Wick and South Teddington” and “Hampton Hill and North West Teddington” respectively.

You can have your say by using this online form – feel free to add your opinion and comments on the issue. This public opinion will be taken into account at a special meeting in October where a majority of two-thirds of councillors must agree with each proposal for it to pass. Residents have until 11th September to register their views.

If you are unsure which ward covers your area, you can find this by using the searchable ward finder map.


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