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Bushy Park restoration project update

Work is really moving along with the £7 million park restoration project that started in 2006.

The Pheasantry Welcome Centre opened in September and currently provides visitors with drinks and snacks 9am – 6pm daily. Breakfast is available 9-11:30am, hot foot is generally available until 3pm – after then customers will still have the choice of the pre-packed sandwiches, lots of types of cake as well as soft drinks, teas and coffee (to drink there or takeaway). Although dogs aren’t allowed in the area around the cafe itself, there are plenty of picnic tables and dog tethers available in the nearby separated area.

Situated in Broom Clumps/Woodland Gardens, this new addition to the park also boasts toilet facilities for all park users, a car park that includes disabled bays and an education/community room.

The resurrected Water Gardens will officially re-open to the public on 2nd October and for approximately 5 weeks will only be available from Thursdays to Sundays whilst the final restoration work is complete – from then on will only be closed on Mondays.

The off-site restoration of Diana fountain continues and is due to be completed in November.

For more detail on the location of any of these park features try the interactive map on the Royal Parks site.


0 thoughts on “Bushy Park restoration project update

  • Michael Foss

    On the occasion of a recent visit to the new cafe I found the entrance decidedly squalid. A tatty waste bin stood right next to the door, and the whole area around it was stained by spilt coffee/tea. A daily cleaning seems necessary.

    Very uninviting, and a pity because the site is great and the cafe itself appeared well run.

  • Richard Mc

    All I can say as a newby to the area is that this place was a complete surprise and a fantastic one at that. A gem hidden away in impressive surroundings.

  • Penny Owen

    It seems a great pity that the Pheasantry cafe has completely ruined the peace and quiet for which this “secret garden” was loved. It is now just a meeting place for mums and toddlers – nice for them but for anyone who enjoyed a quiet walk in peaceful surroundings soaking up the delights of nature – forget it!

  • I agree with penny… this cafe has utterly ruined what was once the jewel of Bushy Park. Why on earth would you build a cafe in what is essence, a nature reserve. Badly thought out and an insult to natural conservation. Bulldozer it to the ground and build another plantation.


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