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A sweet win for Simply Thai

Another week, another Teddington restaurant on the F Word! This episode was the showdown for Thai eateries. The hidden gem that is Simply Thai is situated on Kingston Road and has an army of happy regulars who helped vote it on to the show.

Gordon describes owner Patria as a “culinary fire-cracker” and the restaurant: “with just 10 tables – it’s a tiny restaurant run by a tiny chef..but Patria has a hugely passionate temperament…and has dedicated her life to creating perfect Thai cuisine.”

Also in her own words when asked about her passion and what is the secret of her success: “All my time is here in the restaurant. The restaurant to me is my home, is my family. I cook very good food, traditional Thai food cooked with my love, my care, my passion, everything my heart I put into every single dish”

During his visit to the restaurant Gordon sampled the menu with crispy sea bass with jungle curry and king prawn special (both available on their current menu) and commented “Simply Thai? No, that’s accomplished Thai cooking.”

Throughout the show it was a close race but Simply Thai’s spicy fish cakes, authentic slow-roasted sweet pork curry and jasmine rice pudding with mango & coconut won the diners over. They beat North London’s Yum Yum and finished with 82/100 dinners paid for which puts them currently top of the leaderboard which as well as high praise indeed means that they are definitely through to the semi finals.

You can read The F Words interview with Patria here or view the program on 4od.

[Update 12th December] Since appearing on the programme Simply Thai has experienced unprecedented demand and currently takeaway will not be available until further notice so that staff can focus on serving dining-in customers – restaurant places are currently booked up until the end of February.

[Update 6th January] Update on the semi-final results.

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0 thoughts on “A sweet win for Simply Thai

  • susan fletcher

    hi i watched simply thai on the f word and thought her food looked amazing i want to bring my partner to the restaurant but we are in edinburgh.. how do we get there??

    thank you

  • mrbeamish

    Well it’s a bit of a journey from Scotland just for a meal!

    However if you ever do visit the capital, Teddington is only 40 minutes on the train from central London.

    Also near Hampton court, and not to be confused with the Teddington in Gloucestershire!

  • megan schuster

    Been trying to call Simply Thai and make a booking and the line has been engaged for 2 days. What is going on? Any suggestions. Thanks.

  • mrbeamish

    Hi Megan, it doesn’t look like there’s any other way of getting in touch I’m afraid. Perhaps try popping in one evening if you can visit?

    Each time they have been featured on the program, interest and bookings increase massively.

  • Jeremy Smith

    I was informed of Simply Thai by a friend & I have been trying to call Simply Thai for the last 2 weeks both of their telephone numbers, to book a table. Occasionaly they have a message on the answerphone about cancelling a booking but its impossible to leave a message. Does anyone out there have an idea if they are still trading?
    Jeremy Smith

  • mrbeamish

    Hi Jeremy, they’re still trading but I believe that they’re just very busy at the moment – best times to call are between 4 and 6pm if you can’t drop by in person.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Hi Mr Beamish
    Just to let you know that we drove down to Simply Thai Kingston Road Teddington last night and we have booked a table for next week. It is a very strange set up. I asked a very friendly waitress why you cannot get cannot get through on the phone and she replied its always busy whilst looking into the kitchen, I then asked if I call now and its still engaged who is talking on the phone, again she looked into the kitchen and could not reply. I then asked can we make a booking for next Thursday she said what date is it, as there was a big diary on the counter I asked if she could look in it to tell us the date, she replied that no one is allowed to open the booking diary and handed me a paper notebook to write down my name, telephone number and how many people. They would call me the next day to confirm the booking. Anyway in spite of this we are looking forward to dining there. Just for interest we met Gordon Ramsay & his family in The Bangkok Thai Restaurant Bute Street South Kensington a couple of years ago, its a Thai cafe that has been there for many years (excellent food if your in South Kensington) he obviously is fond ofThai food. Anyway to any other diners that want to eat at Simply Thai, it may be best to write or call in to make your booking. Will write in another post after we have eaten there. Regards Jeremy Smith

  • mrbeamish

    Thanks for the info Jeremy, the restaurant is indeed extremely busy – tables are currently booked well until the middle of March.

    Takeaway is still on hold at the moment as are lunchtime openings until further notice.


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