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Simply Thai update

Update from Simply Thai for those wishing to sample the now-famous food (last updated 22nd February 2010).

Since the first F-Word to feature the restaurant, there has been massive interest in bookings – Patria and her staff are extremely busy every day preparing for each evening, serving a packed out restaurant and keeping up-to-date with enquiries for bookings. Currently if you wish to dine at one of the evening sittings it’s about a 8 week waiting list for Fridays/Saturdays and 2-3 weeks to wait for Sunday to Thursday evenings.

Lunches and takeaway will not be available until further notice. The restaurant is closed on Mondays but can be booked for private parties and special occasions (minimum 35 diners) on this day of the week for a 3 course set menu (£24 per head).

To book, you’re best to call between 4 and 6pm each day – leaving your contact details and the day you wish to book for. Due to an increase in ‘phantom bookings’ you will be contacted to confirm your reservation so ensure that you leave a number that you are always contactable on – if your place cannot be confirmed (usually on the day before, or the day of the booking) then it will be cancelled.

Also please ensure you turn up on time – if you are late by 5 or 10 minutes of the arranged time your table may be given away to one of the potential diners that are usually awaiting outside at opening time hoping for last minute cancellations.

Please note that there is only one Simply Thai that was featured on the F-Word, this is the restaurant on Kingston Road, Teddington.  Any similarly named restaurant or website is not associated with this Simply Thai in any way. There are no plans to expand this business or join forces with any other eating establishments. Patria simple wishes to stay in her current location and keep her loyal (and new) customers as happy as she can preparing the food herself from her restaurant.

Patria wishes to thank all those expressing an interest in the restaurant after seeing it on the F-Word and thanks you all for your patience. She hopes that everyone who wishes to dine at the restaurant will be able to.


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  • woudl love to eat at your restaurant


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