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Simply Thai pipped to the post

Simply Thai sadly didn’t make it through to the final of the F Words search for Britain’s best local restuarant.

After feedback from Gordon’s secret diners was ‘extraordinary‘, Patria’s restaurant reached the final two and was pitted against British contender “The Pheasant”.

During the thirty person test despite some early hiccups, all diners were fed and extremely impressed with the dishes delivered which is remarkable considering all sixty dishes were cooked by Patria single-handedly in just two hours and also because thirty is Simply Thai’s full capacity (all other semi-finalists had larger restaurants and several kitchen staff).

The Thai Panang beef curry was described by Gordon as “Absolutely phenomenal – a proper authentic Thai curry. Patria is really incredible…a freak of nature..and an amazing talented chef.”

It was clear that Gordon had a soft spot for Patria and after delivering the bad news, Gordon re-iterated his respect: “Across this search you’re one of the best chefs I’ve found“.

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