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Claim your free portable ashtray

NewsDiscarded cigarette butts are now Britain’s biggest litter problem with numbers up a massive 43% since the smoking ban. Stubbi have created a “portable ashtray” designed to fit in your pocket and extinguish up to 5 lit butts inside. The butts can then be disposed of later when you’re passing a bin safe in the knowledge that the cigarette won’t set fire to other rubbish and you won’t be adding to the problem.

Already one of the solutions backed by Keep Britain Tidy, Richmond Council are hoping to help tackle this problem by offering one free Stubbi per household to residents in the borough. Just fill in this form to send your request.

** Please note that you have to live in the Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames (UK) to claim these ashtrays **

Note: the free anti-litter item is a Stubbi and not an Ashcan as previously stated – these however can be purchased in local shops such as Tescos.


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  • thks just ordered mine

  • tteditor

    Это предложение не доступно никому за пределами Великобритании.


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