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Parking enforcement car caught breaking the rules

NewsA Richmond Council “Parking Enforcement Smart Car” has been caught on camera parked on double-yellow lines in order to take pictures of an illegally parked car.

Tom Gavin of Hampton Wick snapped this picture of the car breaking the very rules that they are meant to enforce – this particular spot has yellow lines so that lorries supplying Tesco can turn into North Lane safely.

Tom says that “if they do not allow flexibility for residents who sometimes parked illegally for short periods they should not be entitled to it either.

Councillor David Trigg, Richmond Council, defended the action stating that “In order for the civil enforcement officer driving the CCTV car to take this evidence safely, he had to stop on the double yellow line, or he would have blocked traffic.”

Poorly parked NCP camera cars have appeared in the press previously – some parking in bus stop areas and forcing bus drivers to wait until they have moved so that they can pick up passengers.

Richmond Council ‘camera car’ elsewhere on the high street


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