Monday closing

Some towns traditionally have a ‘half-day closing’ day of the week, Teddington seems to be drifting towards a Monday break for some businesses so they can maximise their profitability and maintain a healthy balance between work and home life (especially if they open all weekend).

As well as salons, some shops are also opting to close on Mondays – here is a current list of businesses on the high street that do this:

  • Elements & MiniMe Elements
  • Enzo
  • Escape Shoes
  • Hair Associates
  • Jeanies Barber Shop
  • Mimmos (evening Mexican restaurant)
  • New Generation Nails
  • Richard Hair
  • Sammy’s Bar
  • Sims opticians
  • Sorrento
  • Teddington Cheese
  • The Dress

Also now that Barclays no longer opens on Saturdays, Natwest and Halifax are the only high-street banks that currently open on this day (mornings only).


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