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Barclays hit by armed raider

NewsAt approximately 3:45pm today Barclays was robbed in yet another armed raid – an all too common sight in Teddington of late.

Nearby businesses have heard from police that the raider entered the bank with a firearm (or what appeared to be), handed a note to staff which demanded cash. Bank staff involved in the robbery were shaken by the experience but not harmed.

He is believed to have left with an undisclosed amount. The attack is particularly audacious considering how close the bank is to the police station and the Causeway is a popular route to and from it for both Police and Community Support Officers.

Teddington has been hit by several raids in recent months: KC Pharmacy, Nicols Jewellers, Halifax (not for the first time) and also a security van outside Natwest last year.

Police today were asking nearby businesses if they might have captured any images of the raider leaving the scene on security cameras to find details about any vehicle used. Perhaps it’s time that the high street got permanent CCTV coverage?

[Update] More details released


3 thoughts on “Barclays hit by armed raider

  • CCTV is the way forward but why dont these companies employ good security guards? The only security guard in the High Street is at M&S and he looks bored most of the time. The alternative is to have detectors as at M&S. The banks could use door access which only releases one person at a time while scanning.

  • I guess security guards in shops are mainly to deter & stop shoplifters.

    At banks wouldn’t they need to be armed to stop an armed attacker?

  • If Barclays Bank don’t have security cameras with their profit margins, how can anyone else afford them.


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