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Teddington in pictures

Some sights from in and around Teddington by talented local camera-lovers.

Sunshine Soon

One of Teddington’s more spectacular riverside properties (on Broom Water) enjoying the unusually hot sun we experienced in May that is forecast to return by this weekend.

Peter Denton

In this photo series, Peter heaps praise on his local all-purpose convenience shop (Gunters on Stanley Road) – “open from 5.45am to 9pm every day of the week. As you’d expect, here you can buy everything from cereals to cigarettes, water to wine. You want a newspaper, stamps, a sandwich, a bottle of wine, a top-up on your Oyster card? Here’s the place. It’s cheerful, friendly, and always there when you need it. Shops like this, where they know you by name, are worth their weight in gold – and are a thousand times more welcoming, human, interesting and full of character than any supermarket on the planet.

Stephen Darlington

Taken near the Half-Moon plantation (near the model boating lake – Heron Pond), a route taken regularly by this photographer on the pleasant commute to work. On this particular morning fog was forecast so Stephen set off extra early to catch a glimpse of deer combined with the weather and managed to catch this stag backlit by the morning sun as the fog slowly lifted.


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  • Stunning photo by Stephen Darlington. Makes you feel privileged to live in such a lovely place.


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