Cigar roller at La Casa Del Habano

Tomorrow is the last chance for cigar lovers to bag a hand-rolled cigar made in the shop by a grade 9 Cuban cigar roller.

Only the highest pedigree of rollers are allowed to visit other countries to demonstrate their skills and roll bespoke cigars to promote this proud tradition along with the cigar companies that employ them.

All the tobacco carried into the country is weighed upon entry and also on the route back so that the duty for any remaining is returned – along with the rolling technique itself it’s a very efficient process to ensure that no tobacco is wasted.

The light to medium strength cigars themselves make a great present and are a real talking point – labelled with the maker’s name and rolling date, they should be smoked within 3-4 days or after this point left to infuse for a longer time. The cigars are £16 seperately or £12 when purchased with two other cigars from the humidor.

Even if you’re not a smoker yourself, why not pop in to the shop and marvel at how Anibals 25 years of experience of traditional rolling look so simple!


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