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High Street Update

Over the last few months there have been a lot of rumours abound about Waitrose potentially moving to Teddington, citing various different locations.

Although Waitrose would welcome the opportunity the bring a store to Teddington in the future, they have unfortunately not been able to find a suitable site that is viable and available to achieve this. That’s not to say they will not look again in the future – clearly there is a desire for such a supermarket and definitely the right customer demographic in the area!
Source: the Property & Development Communications Manager for Waitrose.

Some businesses are away on a well-deserved summer break – Retro is closed from 2nd to the 17th of August, Mela Mela from 21st August – 8th September and LeatherBeanBag, The Powder Rooms from 7th to 31st August and Sammy’s Bar for the whole of August.

New Age hair salon has now closed New Age Salon remains open until further notice, after which work will begin to refurbish this unit into Gillion Million’s first shop.

You can now enjoy the tasty pizzas and other popular dishes at Scarpetta whilst working if you are so inclined – the restaurant now has added WiFi to its list of features.

For those who missed the last one, another cigar-roller will be in-house at La Casa Del Habano next week and you will get another rare opportunity to own a cigar rolled before your very eyes – this time from Romeo and Julieta.

There are currently 8 units currently under offer for new businesses to move in so the high street is continuing its return to form this year.

For those who haven’t tried the utterly delicious freshly roasted coffee at Astrora Coffee then you can now sample the various beans at their Fresh Coffee Brew Bar.

Choose the bean you want to try and the brewing method – cafetiere, filter or aeropress (all £1.90 a cup) and see what flavour you might prefer – you can learn about the varied and sometimes subtle differences caused by the variety, climate and soil type, washing/drying method of the farm where grown as well as roasting technique and timing.

There’s definitely more than more than meets the eye in the world of coffee and with a knowledgeable and quality roaster in Teddington you might find yourself becoming something of an expert! Current coffee of the week is Brazil Fazenda Lagoa.

Coffee-fans further afield can now order coffee on-line for delivery from their new online store.


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