Let the Teddington House Doctors heal your home

Some might argue that the housing market recovery isn’t quite yet in full swing so for those wishing to sell their homes, you might need the help of some experts!

Locally-based Teddington House Doctors can do exactly that – they can unlock the true value of your home by simply taking your existing space and making it feel better.

This can include home-staging (preparing your house for that sale, or simply adding a few key accessories to add depth and character to your living space), property renovation, bite-size refurbishment or more substantial building work – either way they have the right kind of treatment for your property.

Some examples of how they have helped customers better present their homes to help secure the all-important sale.

The company was formed by two local residents Gianna and Roger who share a common love for property – having renovated many of their own homes in the past, they realised that sometimes just a few minor improvements in your home can not only increase its value, but also make it a more enjoyable place to live in.


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