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Join the world’s largest game of hide and seek

EventsDyslexia Action will be hosting an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest game of Hide and Seek at NPL Sports ground on Sunday the 26th September 2010.

Actor, adventurer and President of Dyslexia Action Charley Boorman will be joining in the fun on the day.

This family event is being arranged to help raise awareness about hidden disabilities such as dyslexia and the new It’s ME! appeal. It is open to any age group but there are only a limited number of places so you must register in advance to take part.

For more information check out their website and note that there are very clear rules about how the game is undertaken in order to break the record!

The rules include these delights:

21. One player will be chosen as “It”. The game will start when ‘It’ covers his or her eyes for a period of five minutes, as counted by an official timekeeper.

22. During these five minutes, players must seek out a hiding spot within the play area.

Perhaps players should study the nearby park’s deer to learn how to hide in greenery at a professional level.


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