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Teddington Memorial Hospital now safe

NewsCampaigners who have been opposing plans to merge Teddington Memorial Hospital with a larger health trust are celebrating after an alternative solution has been put forward.

The plans to align Teddington’s hospital with a larger hospital or trust had been met with fears that this would lead to poorer services for the community and support for the campaign was accompanied by strong resident response.

This scheme seems to have now confirmed the earlier reassurance to earlier comments about how the hospital fits well into the new Governments healthcare plans and detailed how initial proposals are now to be replaced with the creation of the stand-alone Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Although Pam Bryant, chairwoman of the Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital has welcomed the news, she is still being cautious and is waiting for the full text of the health reform paper. Vince Cable has described the move as “the most sensible way forward”.

On an unrelated note, this Thursday morning at the hospital as part of National Advice Week, Richmond’s Citizen Advice Bureau will have an information point available to help spread the word about what free advice is available locally.

The adjoining newly-built Teddington Memorial Health Centre is currently looking to recruit a Practice Manager (closing date 22nd October 2010).


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