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This week in pictures

Now that the clocks have changed, it definitely feels as though we’re on the last sprint home towards the end of the year. Autumn has provided us with some spectacular skies over the last week or so.

Many commuters have had their journey brightened up by deep red sunrises such as this one captured over Teddington Weir just before 8am – turning the river into a fiery red.

Photo: Sunshine Soon

The weather thankfully didn’t threaten to spoil the evening for the 1,800 attendees of NPL Fireworks evening which went off with many tremendous bangs (timed to music and with a Superman finale). This event relies heavily on volunteer support from NPL Sports club and Amey members with the static fireworks being constructed by volunteers in the week leading up to the event.

Park Lane Stables annual Trick or Treat ghoulish parade brought about many double-takes on the streets around Teddington as onlookers were surprised by blood-spattered horses (non-toxic paint of course) and fancily-dressed riders.

Those living or working in Teddington will be mostly accustomed to the noise that passenger helicopters make as they travel in and out of central London over their heads using the ‘H3’ helicopter corridor. Occasionally they might hear a different and heavier thunderous engine noise – these are usually Chinooks, and less frequently Apache Gunships – this one spotted flying low last week.

Sunrises are clearly the new sunset! Another morning, another spectacular sunrise, this time in Bushy Park over Heron Pond and combined with some early morning mist.

Photo: Mark Baker


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