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North Lane depot to be demolished

PlanningRecent issues with groups urban foxes in Teddington have escalated into calls for action on the matter in the local press.

A resident of Middle Lane has highlighted how these foxes have been using a den in a council depot building on nearby North Lane and have also been spotted attacking and killing domestic pets.

This building is now scaffolded and undergoing a program to demolish it – the structure has now become unsafe and along with other issues with its maintenance the Council has now decided to remove it.

It will become an empty space in the near future and if we hear what the future use may be an update will be posted here. Nearby residents have noted that it is currently an eye-sore but removing it will mean that the neighbouring car park will be more visible.


2 thoughts on “North Lane depot to be demolished

  • Peter Denton

    I’m less tolerant of urban foxes than the Council appears to be. The Council may offer homespun tips about back gardens, bin bags and so-on – but when a fox sits in the middle of the road howling, barking or screeching at 3.30am for several nights running, what is one to do? I’ve even been into the street waving my arms at it – and it sits looking at me, then disdainfully sidles away, taking its time.

    Urban foxes are a damn nuisance. They’re tiresome, vicious, mangy and are of little benefit to nature or the environment… especially in the middle of the night.

  • Yes. Damn the pesky wildlife. How dare it encroach on our lovely concrete jungles and complain loudly because we’re removing it’s natural habitat and food sources?


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