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Notes from the last Police liaison group

Members of the local police, councillors, community groups and members of the public regularly meet for updates & questions concerning crime, here are highlights from the most recent meeting (held in February 2011).

No major problems were reported with busy events at the end of 2010 – Halloween and the switching on the Christmas Lights. Despite the huge crowds at the ‘Lights-Up’ evening, the only issues reported were a bus and car breaking down on the bridge leading to traffic problems.

New Year’s Even on the other hand wasn’t so quiet – a fight broke out at the Teddington Arms which continued on the street leading to car window damage along the high street. A private party in Bolton Gardens was broken up by police following complains when numbers got out of hand due to news of the party spreading.

Generally speaking crime is down by 14% but as with all of London, burglaries still occur in the area – two residential and five non-residential break-ins since the start of the year.

The three priorities for the area remain:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Burglaries
  • Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a long-standing problem and despite security being in place, Tesco, Marks and Spencers and Boots are the main targets. Marks and Spencers, along with Tesco now have a Security Officer in place and Boots have started to re-use the till to the left of the main doors to help combat this issue.

The ‘Town Link’ radio system seems to be working well and police are keen to make sure all users are properly trained to make this as effective as possible.

Issues raised by the public included dangerous crossing in Park Road due to the Street Van spot, cyclists running red lights, burglaries in Park Road, and windows being scratched on shop windows.

Police numbers in the area will be affected by government cuts but not have any effect for 18 months. Greater publicity for these meetings and public surgeries will be undertaken.


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