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Major train disruption

NewsSouth west London experienced a day of travel chaos today due to several incidents all combining to create issues across the rail and road networks.

This morning a 68 year old was struck by a train and killed at Surbiton station. Delays to South West train network following this were compounded by an IT fault which affected all National Rail information systems throughout the day.

Commuters faced severe delays to trains leaving Waterloo and throughout the network as well as trains changing their routes due to staff and trains being out-of-place.

Those seeking alternative routes home to Teddington via Richmond and Twickenham on tubes and buses didn’t fare any better after a serious accident involving a car and a bike which left the cyclist on the car roof. Police closed major roads in Twickenham following this crash and after 7pm Cross Deep was still closed one way going into Twickenham.


3 thoughts on “Major train disruption

  • It was sad to hear of yet another serious accidnet involving a bike. Especially as I was thinking how great it was to see so many people biking in the good weather. There is a significant but selfish minority of car drivers who are oblivious to people riding bikes on the roads. Please take care

  • I think what you are neglecting to acknowledge is the fact that there is currently no released evidence of what actually happened in the crash in Twickenham. You are assuming that the incident was the drivers fault.

    My best friend got knocked off his bike by a car three weeks ago and had to spend the night in hospital, he is the most conscious cyclist I have seen, always aware of traffic around him and he follows the same rules that drivers (i.e. stopping at red lights, pedestrian crossings and such). On this occassion it was the drivers fault. However, I have also been in a car and had cyclists and pedestrians walk out infront of the car without warning. And, as a pedestrian I have had to jump out of the way of ignorant drivers AND cyclists when crossing the road, not forgetting the pedestrians who ignore the rules of the road and cross the road anywhere they fancy. Don’t just assume that there is a selfish minority of drivers out there because everyone who uses a road has a duty to be responsible and ALL have the ability to cause serious accidents.

    The driver of the train is not responsible for the death of the passenger, after all, the passenger shouldn’t have been in the way and trains are difficult to stop suddenly. The driver in this accident could be just as innocent if the cyclist appeared out of nowhere leaving him no time to react. Judging things on presumptions leads to unfair biais amongst those who believe you are speaking from proof.

  • Dear RW,

    I am sorry that you have read into my comment I was apportioning blame to the driver in this accident. Perhaps and hopefully no-one was as fault. I was merely trying to condense a few thoughts in a very short period of time having experienced a near miss that morning.

    I have written my comments again and I hope you find them more agreeable.

    1. As a regular commuter by bike I am upset to hear about an accident involving a cyclist.

    2. With the recent spell of good weather the number of cyclists on the roads has increased significantly.

    3. There are a small but significant percentage of drivers who, on occasions, drive with no consideration and put other road users, in particular cyclists, at significant risk of serious injury or death.

    4. Car drivers please take care when out on the roads.


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