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Potential WWII bomb discovered in Bushy Park

NewsAt around 12:30pm today police started rushing towards the Pheasantry Cafe in Bushy Park and began evacuating public from the area.

A suspected WWII bomb has been found in the grounds and police have also cordoned off roads and surrounding areas to all park users. Chestnut avenue is currently still open at time of press.

Police beginning to shut roads and cordon off areas in the park

The area was a target for bombing raids during the Second World War due to the American Camp_Griffiss and weapons testing facilities at the NPL.

[Update 10th April] Users were allowed back into the car park by 2pm

[Update 11th April] See comment below from PC Lewis – a suspected WWII munition was uncovered behind the cafe by Park agency gardener so the area was evacuated as a precaution. After examination by police it was considered safe shortly afterwards (now thought to be an old gas cylinder).


3 thoughts on “Potential WWII bomb discovered in Bushy Park

  • TT –

    I am PC Lewis and am part of the team covering Bushy Park.
    Apologies for any disruption caused yesterday – the Royal Parks agency gardeners uncovered what was believed to be a WW2 munition whilst excavating an area behind the new cafe – as im sure many of you can appreciate due to the history of the park such finds are not uncommon and there was little choice other than evacuating the area. The object was examined by police and declared safe shortly afterwards.

  • Thanks for the info Gregg – now updated.

  • cant find any info about bomb disposal man killed in bushy park in the
    garden of a house my grandfather was living in as the foreman groundsman.
    can anyone help.


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