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Photo update

With spring bringing us this hot weather, it’s clearly a time when photographers like being outdoors snapping local sights!

Crowd control at the weekly Bushy parkrun. Photo: David Rowe.

Mandarin ducks in Bushy Park. Oddly colourful and not native to the UK, but very photogenic!” Photo: Alan Crossland

Flying Cloud Cafe opened last weekend and was an instant hit for those who visit the Thames for a walk in the sun. This weekend sees the official grand opening just in time for the glorious bank holiday weekend weather.

The NPL’s canteen has had a makeover with Newton’s tree name and motif. Photo: Lloyd England

Trigger from Park Lane Stables, seen here being ridden by Lucy cantering in the Park. Photo: Don Carey

A table for four captured by a fan of Shambles restaurant. Photo: Peter Denton

A HDR (High Dynamic Range) shot of Bushy House from the park. Photo: Rich Coombes


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