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Tesco to close for major refurbishment

PlanningTeddington Tesco will be closing for a week starting on the 25th July 2011.

Regular shoppers will be glad to hear that many improvements are on the way including a hot chicken counter, hot pie cabinet, a new bakery section and a new & improved self-service checkout area (see plan below). Most will however be content with the general updating of store facilities and ensuring that fridges and cooled areas no longer leak.

This particular Tesco is currently quite cramped so it will be interesting to see how well the new layout works – most sections will be swapped around and the aisles themselves will be moved slightly.

As well as interior improvements plans have also been submitted to change the exterior of the store.

Tesco will close as usual at 4pm on Sunday 24th July 2011 then re-open with its new layout on Monday 1st August.

Click for larger plan


0 thoughts on “Tesco to close for major refurbishment

  • Very Little Helps

    I hope they’re going to enlarge the non self-service checkouts. Since the store was last refurbished about 5 years ago, the bagging part of the checkouts has been big enough for just one bag at a time. As more items get passed through the scanner, you quickly run out of room to put things in a bag.

  • Pies, chickens, bakery… Not good news for current takeaway shops in Broad Street, or our waistlines!

  • I wonder if they will start to stock Green & Black’s Ice Cream again. It’s really weird that they stopped selling this. However, there has been a problem with the freezer for the past 2 years (which I frequently mentioned to local managment to no avail) and the G&B was always half-melted before even getting out of the freezer. Maybe that’s why they stopped stocking it? Perhaps with new freezers they will be able to stock it again?

    • Really not sure if it’s just Tesco Metro that does this but particular popular product lines do seem to suddenly disappear then reappear a while later.

      The freezers are definitely a big problem – perhaps they haven’t been fixed or replaced due to this planned refurbishment.


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