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Police urge calm amidst child abduction rumours

Police have issued a special communication following reports of attempted child abductions in the area.

Recently there have been many rumours of attempted abductions and sightings of a suspicious character throughout Richmond Borough including Whitton, Twickenham, Teddington and Hounslow – these are circulating via emails, Twitter and Facebook.

The website has been setup that will be updated if any new and relevant factual information becomes available – anyone concerned should look here if they wish to double-check the validity of any warnings they receive. This police website is intended to “reduce the fear on the borough generated by well-intended but factually incorrect communications.”

Police are keen for parents and children to remain vigilant but also to know that there is only one alleged incident currently being investigated. In the Barnes area, an 8-year-old is alleged to have been picked up by an adult male but the boy managed to kick him to stop him. The suspect has not been seen by any other witness other than the victim and no description has been issued by police. The facts are being established but this is the only alleged abduction currently being investigated by Richmond Police – no other allegations have been made.

A separate incident (also being referred to in emails) at Murray Park, Whitton on the 16th of July was investigated and found to be a misunderstanding rather than a related crime.

Any additional witnesses to the Barnes incident can contact D.C. James on 020 8247 7032 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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