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Waldegrave Road to get kinetic sculpture

EventsPermission has been granted to install an interesting sculpture concept in Waldegrave Road, adjacent to the entrance of the new Richmond Housing Partnership offices.

Designed by kinetic artist and designer David Watkinson this moving sculpture of sycamore is powered by only slight breezes of wind. The installation of this piece is designed to complement the new building’s modern but green credentials which have made it one of the most environmentally rated buildings in London, using sustainable power such as solar power.

The 5 meter-tall bronze kinetic seed sculpture is intended to show the natural world in motion and enhance the street scene for those who use the building as well as anyone who passes by.

The RHP building didn’t sit quite right with some neighbouring houses especially considering its next door to the 100 year-old baroque-style Carnegie Library. Some nearby residents objected to the sculpture plans citing issues of artistic taste and potential unwelcome attention that it will attract and also how it might not sit well next to a conservation area.

Other locals with an interest in art are welcoming this modern public art in their midst and the unusual sight it will create. You can see what the movement of this sculpture will look like in this video of a smaller version:
[vimeo w=500&h=325]

Kinetic Seed Sculpture from David on Vimeo.


0 thoughts on “Waldegrave Road to get kinetic sculpture

  • In light of what it replaced, the brutalist RHP building is an eyesore.

    How that appalling monstrosity was EVER allowed is just beyond me. Standing it next to one of Ted’s prettiest buildings was an act of defilement.

    Excusing it by pointing out the Barclays carbunkle is no justification- that should have been blasted three seconds after the bank left.

    Now the same cretins who allowed all this are proposing another monstrosity-beyond belief!


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