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Ham Hydro on track to start construction in April

NewsHam Hydro’s hydro-electric scheme is on track to start construction in April 2012. Current estimates for the cost of Europe’s biggest river hydro powered scheme are £2.8 million and a build time of approximately 6 months.

Fund-raising in January 2012 will enable investors to buy shares in the company and be have a chance to be involved in this pioneering renewable energy scheme.

Once live, the project should be capable of powering 600 homes and electricity will be sold back to the National Grid. According to the British Hydropower Association, Britain has enough potential hydro energy to power 1.4 million homes.

A recent Teddington Society-hosted meeting was attended by over 100 local residents who were interested in the scheme and posed some interesting questions. Working models of the Archimedean screw and presentations from project directors and The Environment Agency all helped inform attendees of the technical issues involved, environmental impacts and funding.


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  • please could you send my details of the share purchase for this project at Tedddington – Jacqueline Ryley
    please could you send by post as server has a problem receiving at the moment.
    Kind regards
    J Ryley

    • tteditor

      Hi Jacqueline,

      I have passed on your contact details to the Ham Hydro team will be be in touch (probably by post)



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