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Kingston Road Shell garage to close

PlanningRegular visitors to the Shell petrol station on Kingston Road will have noticed that stock is becoming noticeably absent from shelves. This is because it’s being deliberately run-down as part of the garage’s closure.

In approximately two weeks Teddington will lose its last petrol station. Rumours about what this site will be used for range from retail to residential. A recently re-posted planning application made in 2000 points towards a mixed residential development: eight one bedroom flats, two two-bedroom flats and two two-bed bungalows.

Jet garage on Stanley Road was also demolished some time ago to become a mixture of residential and office space (now home to Chiropractors bakclinic).

[Update 02/11/2011] See below comment – Shell have replied to a request for info on this closure and their reply is that there 9 other shell petrol stations within 5 miles of this one all on major roads into Teddington. This property will indeed be replaced by a housing development.

Also local councillor Tony Arbour was asked to comment and replied:
“I am too am sorry about the loss of the petrol station, but its closure is a matter solely for its owners. So far as the previous consent is concerned it is no longer live but shows what might be acceptable. I think the current proposal is an overdevelopment.”

One customer reported today that this petrol station was only taking cash-only payments this morning and another was informed by staff that it will close on November 23rd 2011.


0 thoughts on “Kingston Road Shell garage to close

  • Shell has confirmed to me that the site will be redeveloped as housing.
    Shell advises that there is a total of nine Shell petrol stations within 5 miles of the to be closed site. These are at Oak Lane, Hospital Bridge, “Kingstonian”, Parkhurst, Sunbury, Hinchley Wood and “Ace of Spades”, each of which is located on a major road into Teddington.

  • The Colonel

    Sounds reasonable until you actually do it.
    Oak Lane Twickenham is 2.5 m and a 10 min drive. Hospital Bridge Shell (nearest) shut suddenly early summer and is supposedly re-opening on Christmas Eve. (A virtual fiver to readers who spot anyone actually working on the reconstruction).
    Ace of Spades is almost 5 miles by road one way and nearly 20mins drive.
    As for driving over the bridge into Kingston for fuel, and negotiating the one-way system to get back to Teddington with Christmas on the way, no thanks.
    The rest are hardly local if you’re running out of gas.
    I may have to restrict use of the Bentley or ask my footman to purchase a jerry can from Woolworths in case of emergencies.

  • Michelle

    Given that Shell don’t think that it’s worth remaining in Teddington despite their long association with it (Shell Houses in Grove Park and The Lensbury) I put forward an alternative petrol station on Staines Road – it’s an Esso I believe.

  • What about the garage on the Hampton Rd opposite Hampton Court green?

  • What we could do with down this end of town, would be a small express style supermarket(Tesco/Sainsbury/Waitrose)!

  • I am annoyed at this , you pretty much have to go on a 20 min drive for garage. This is in a good loction and I use it all the time, apprently the neibours have made complants making shell to close up……[expletive deleted]


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