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Deer cull protest march this weekend

NewsA group opposed to the local deer cull will this weekend march through Kingston to the gates of Richmond Park protesting about the shooting of deer to control numbers.

Campaigners want contraceptives to be used to control deer numbers instead of shooting by marksmen. Following a short break, the cull will continue from this week during some evenings.

Organiser Lesley Dove: “Many locals living close to the parks have heard the crying of dying and distressed deer during the culls and this is clearly not humane, whatever the parks authorities claim.”

In response to campaigns such as this, The Deer Society and the Deer Initiative of England and Wales (as well as Friends of Richmond Park) have all voiced their support for the cull and stated that they “fully endorse the humane shooting of deer as teh optimum method of deer control in royal parks”.

Royal Parks has always maintained that the reason for the cull is to keep a consistent herd number for feeding and so that the ecological balance of the park is not disturbed by the deer. Deer numbers even in huge national parks need to be controlled due to various reasons including wildlife habitats being damaged and rare plants being eaten – areas like Bushy Park might seem to be large but really it’s a small enclosed area compared to their natural environment.

Another reason is to minimise the impact of disease which could threaten this ancient herd. Diseases are caught much more easily in the older deer and can spread with devastating effects. Controlling birthrates won’t help with this issue and any relocation will just move this problem elsewhere.

[Update] photo of the protest taken outside of the Bentalls Centre. (photo: Scott Overall)


10 thoughts on “Deer cull protest march this weekend

  • Who are these ‘many locals’, who’ve heard the crying of dying deer?

    With the absence of predators, the cull is the sensible and painless alternative to a slow, lingering painful death from starvation or disease.

  • i know it is necessary to keep the deer numbers down, and it seems the best way is to shoot them with skilled marksmen who do not miss and kill them instantly, as should be possible if they know what they are doing – but if they are not doing this job properly, then there does need to be a review of the method. Also, would think that the rangers keep an eye on the deer and would notice any deer starving or sick, and deal with it immediately ?

  • I live opposite Home Park, and have never heard deer crying. But the shots have sometimes kept me awake at night imagining the horrible scene, I have watched the marksmen dazzle the deer in their headlights and take aim, I have seen a dead animal being hauled into a vehicle to add to the venison meat pile – which makes around £30K a year. There must be an alternative to shooting? – relocation, contraception? Why don’t the Royal Parks just leave alone for a trial period to see how the deer herds are affected, and have an independent study carried out. Thank you to all the members of the public who supported the anti deer cull protest yesterday.

    • God Almighty. So much ignorance of how Mother Nature goes about her business. A trial is not required because those in the know are familiar with what happens when deer populations are left alone. I think the best solution here is to cull the entire population in all of the Royal Parks and just leave the birds, the bees and the trees for the local population to enjoy. That way you won’t need to worry your pretty little head about ‘horrible’ annual culling scenes.

  • It’s very difficult to fit contraceptives to deer. Once the stag gets aroused, it’s jolly tricky to sneak up and slip a condom over him. Plus, there’s the issue of free will/choice – ribbed or smooth? Flavoured or plain? – and religious objections too; as a Catholic, I am totally opposed to this madness.

  • Lesley "Stopthedeercull" Dove

    We have another protest march in Kingson, this Saturday, 3rd November, 2012, meeting at 12 noon by the War Memorial by Kingston Bridge, contact number 020 8941 8075 or 07931 156006 if anyone wants to join us but can’t find us. We will have some placards so should be easy to find, Gina or anyone else who might be interested, feel free to get in contact, also

  • Lesley Dove

    Another demo is tomorrow Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 in Richmond, same contact details as above, meeting 12 noon at Richmond Station, leaflets and placards provided and we have petitions.


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