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Bad weather hits home

NewsTeddington hasn’t escaped the strong winds that have seriously affected western and northern parts of the UK over the last few days.

Some home-owners returned from work this week to find large sections of their garden fences blown over. The strong winds picked up again last night as many local residents reported

Anlaby Road this morning. Photo: Janice Tilley

This morning the TBC Christmas tree by Teddington Memorial Hospital had been blown over and a large tree was blocking Alnaby Road – police were in attendance to divert traffic.

Some residents have begun leaving their Christmas trees out with their general household waste but should note that this collection scheme doesn’t start until Monday the 9th January – any trees left out now might get blown around until the high winds leave us.

Many train routes across the South West have had delays over the last few days after many trees were blown on the lines – train companies had special teams of workers travelling around with chainsaws to remove these as soon as possible! South West Train’s website incident page now just has a general “Delays in Southern and Western England until further notice” note.

Two trees also were blown onto the train line between Strawberry Hill and Teddington. Trains were forced to reverse back to stations either side of the obstruction until this was cleared leading to delays on the ‘loop’ line.

Photo: HamptonHillTweets


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