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Analogue TV signal switch-off

NewsAfter 75 of service, the analogue TV signal for London has now been switched off, leaving some owners of some TVs and aerials with the need to retune their sets and in some cases upgrade their kit if they haven’t already.

The change which will also see the demise of analogue Ceefax, is necessary to future-proof new services such as wireless broadband, local TV and high-definition TV and also to ensure all areas will be able to receive the new stronger Freeview digital TV signal using an aerial.

As well as general official advice available online, some older and disabled viewers might need extra help with this process and the Switchover help guide can help with this process for those over 75 or eligible disabled. RHP are also offering a service and engineers are available to help residents tune in to the new signal.

The switchover for the area started on April 4th and locals that have upgraded their TVs and other equipment have been encouraged to recycle these where possible to help the environment and prevent kit from ending up in landfill sites.

TVs without digital tuners built-in can still be used to receive digital TV by adding a digital tuner box but many are taking the opportunity to upgrade their TVs. Some items can be taken away with the delivery of a new TV, others can be disposed of using the schemes such as Richmond Council’s or Freecycle.


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