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Teddington’s Winter Wonderland in pictures

The blanket of snow covering Teddington has led to an avalanche of mostly white photos showing picture postcard views of the area and some very imaginative snowmen!

Only a couple of hours after the white stuff started descending, Bushy Park was already looking very scenic.

Photo: Personal trainer Luke Stevenson who runs Bushy Boot Camp

The snowmen, snowcats and snowdogs of Langham Road! Photo: Julie Syers.

Walkers heading down Chestnut Avenue.

Julia enjoying a fun afternoon sledding in the snow. Photo: Grant Russell.

If you haven’t had enough of snowy pictures, here is a great series from a new resident, moved here from Poland. Here is also a clever Timelapse of the snow arriving in Ferry Road on Friday from gonzovision.


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  • Thank you for you kind words. I’ve lived in the area for 5 years now but it does feel new every day:-)


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