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Teddington Hydrotherapy Pool

NewsOne of Teddington’s best kept secrets is a hydrotherapy pool at Teddington Pool and Fitness Centre, Vicarage Road (just off the High Street) – one of only a very few in the country open to the public.

Hydrotherapy benefits include healing and recuperative properties due to thermal and mechanical effects. It can help with lessening pain, sensitivity and improving blood flow and circulation making it ideal for anyone with general aches and stiffness, frozen shoulders or after hip or knee replacements and other specific conditions or injuries.

The pool creates a unique environment for people who require supported exercise as part of a rehabilitation programme. Water temperature is maintained at 34-36°C and it’s accessible to disabled users thanks to special modifications including an overhead hoist, dipper, walking frames and wheelchair-accessible showers and toilets.

At the pool there are open sessions for families and adults (per 30 minutes) and adult sessions reserved for customers 18+ years – see their website for times and pricing info.

“One Bit Wonky” is a Women’s Hydrotherapy Exercise Group, established since June 2002 when the hydro pool first opened. The exercises are very gentle and the luxurious warm water, allows tense muscles to relax. They currently have spaces in their twice weekly classes (Mondays and Thursdays) 6-6:30 pm. The first test session is free and as a voluntary non-profit group, the rates are very reasonable. Call Carolyn on 07939 824 730 for further info or to book.


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