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Photo Update

Spring has sprung edition! Two bursts of colour that herald the start of spring captured by Derek Winterburn – a blanket of crocuses at St Mary St Alban Church graveyard.

Also the spectacular blossom in the Woodland Gardens of BushyPark

The Mayor at St Mary and St Peter’s primary school showing the winning design for the recent Road Safety poster campaign.

Mild weather early in the year led to a head start for some flowers – these crocuses made an appearance but had second thoughts after heavy rain leaving some daffodils to tower over them. Photo: Emma Durnford.

Creatures captured early morning in Bushy Park by Max Ellis – a deer and friend seen via a warming sun and an early stroller through the trees.

Sunrise over the Thames – clearly an incentive to be an early riser! Photo: Ian and Sue

Teddinton Antlers Ladies: “Absolutely nowhere better for a post game drink than Bushy Park – stunning evening“. Photo: Ali Donnelly.


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