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Achievement unlocked, 5 years old

NewsHow time flies.. is five years old!

For those who love stats that’s 891,272 views, 743 articles posted and 710 comments. There’s not much discussing going on underneath articles, don’t be shy!

The site was created to test the water in providing local news and information for Teddington-dwellers and hopefully is doing the job of informing locals on what’s happening in their town. It remains a hobby and is worked when time allows, with some costs that can be covered by donations.

Working on is great fun and is more specifically supporting local businesses and our town. This has meant less time available for TT – so only the more important news is written about here now but lots of info, essentially micro-updates, is now posted on Twitter TT account (also listed on the right hand panel) and is where information is more instantly available these days.

As always, any general feedback on the site is welcome – what is written about, how it’s written & presented, or any other comments.

In answer to the most commonly asked questions:

Did the main site header change? Yes there’s one photo for each season of the year, taken looking down Chestnut Avenue in Bushy Park.

Did I just see Johnny Depp? Nope, it’s a professional look-a-like who lives in Hampton.

Why do you do this site? It’s fun, it’s teaching me about webby stuff and I have got to meet lots of locals and businesses owners through it.

What’s with all the helicopters? We’re underneath the H3 ‘helicopter corridor’ that takes helicopter more safely in and out of central London, along the river and as much green space as possible in case of engine problems.

Can I get my event listed on the events page? Yes, email details to if it’s a Teddington-based event.

Why don’t we have a butchers? We do! AG Millers on Waldegrave Road but some don’t know it exists or is a short 6/7 minute walk from town centre.

Why are the planes so loud on some days? Planes land & take-off into the wind, this means predominantly going west and not over Teddington. When the wind direction changes, planes instead take off towards the east, with their flight paths taking them over parts of Teddington and Bushy Park. Unfortunately usually coinciding with warm weather brought to us by this wind direction. More info here.

What was that siren? That’s the Hampton Waterworks siren test that happens every Tuesday at 9am.

Do you know where sells..? Probably Teddington Essentials.

Your dog is funny looking, what model is he? His name is Winston and he’s a Shar-Pei.

What’s the difference between affects and effects? Affect is to have an impact on something, effect is a result.


0 thoughts on “Achievement unlocked, 5 years old

  • Geoff Boyes

    Hi Editor

    Keep it going!

    It’s one of the best sources of news for Teddington that there is!

    Geoff Broom Rd

  • Adam Little

    This is an excellent resource for Teddington. Here’s to the next 5 years, and longer!

  • Great site, keep up the good work!

    • The Colonel

      …and the opportunity for some free self publicity.

  • Congratulations and best wishes from me, as well. The website has become an integral part of my local life, and I wouldn’t be without it. Thank you for your expertise and much appreciated hard work, which produces an informed and informative resource.


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