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The Causeway gets a facelift

NewsRichmond Council recently assigned The Teddington Business Community (TBC) to manage the creation of a hoarding to cover empty shop space (previously Bottoms Up) on the Causeway, vacant for almost five years and considered an eyesore.

Bridget Clements, Town Liaison Advisor during the installation

Hoardings are designed to improve the appearance of sites but the TBC wanted to also design an impactful and relevant one which reflected the character and appeal of Teddington town centre. With the help of LBRUT, the Teddington Society and Sims Opticians, research was undertaken to find out what businesses used to be in The Causeway using old documents and photographs.

Melissa Sims from Sims Opticians

In a nod to the Edwardian heritage of Teddington’s town centre shop names, shop windows and fonts used in the early 1900’s were used and designed it in a colourful and modern way to show both what shop names used to exist here and what new businesses Teddington residents most frequently wish for.

Information and photos are also included about Teddington’s Town Hall & Theatre which used to be found on The Causeway. The panels are created in such a way that they can be reused elsewhere.

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0 thoughts on “The Causeway gets a facelift

  • are they actually trying to let this unit ?

  • Why can’t we bring this vision to life? The size of the premises is ideal to create a traditional market hall for fresh produce. I understand the landlord is greedy and looking for a hefty rent, but if three of our local success stories came together such as Sandys the fishmonger from Twickenham, Bruce’s or AG Miller the butchers, and our local green grocer from the end of church road surely this premises could introduce a real jewel back onto teddington high st. Yes I know we have an excessive number of grocery stores, and they will continue to trade with what they are good at – core groceries at reasonable prices, but fresh produce,meat and fish is what people will walk that extra 10yds for. Shoppers like and are willing to pay for quality in these categories, and this is the environment where meal inspiration is driven from. If you don’t believe there is demand, simply look at the queues outside the existing stores of these businesses.

  • Great idea Mr G, there seems to be some building going on just wondered if anyone knew what might be going on?

    • See here Cat – the builders have mentioned a new shop, and on another occasion that it’s being divided into three shops. Makes sense if so.


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