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Police forced to close Broad Street after man climbs scaffolding

NewsBroad Street was closed today by police, leading to backed up traffic and bus routes on diversion.

Road users and pedestrians found just after lunchtime that an area had been cordoned off with police tape around Cavan Bakery after a man climbed two stories up the scaffolding on this building.

Photo: Jesse Webster

The man in question was being pursued by police and this was a desperate attempt to evade them after being spotted. Police cars, two fire engines and an ambulance turned up at the scene whilst officers attempted to talk the man down safely.

Photo: Scott Overall.

He is believed to be in breach of his bail conditions enforced with an electronic tag. Onlookers watched as police tried to convince the man down who at one point threatened to jump. From the shouting between him and police, bystanders heard that he was desputing being in breach of bail conditions and “wasn’t going back to jail”.


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