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Dancing in Libraries comes to Teddington

EventsFrom this Friday 14th until Sunday 17th November 2014, you may experience something of the unusual and sublime if you visit Teddington Library. Artists Dog Kennel Hill Project will be dancing in live performances through these three days amongst regular library users and guests!

The work is a collaboration between local libraries and nationally recognised dance artists, who have produced work directly in response to the site which is child friendly, innovative and inspiring. There will be opportunities for children to come and read stories to a resident bear, dancing inspired by Noel Coward and a Victorian contraption built especially for the library called a harmonograph.

The Fictitious Truths of Teddington is a “collection of performance curiosities celebrates a sense of wonder at human evolution, from the hunter gatherers in the primordial forest to the finger tapping media communicators of now.” A nod is given to the Victorian thirst for knowledge and sharing for the benefit of all that led to the creation of Teddington Library.

Dance in Libraries is part of the Richmond Upon Thames Literature Festival and a 2-year project which seeks to research and reframe library spaces through creative dialogue between dance artists and library users. You can find highlights from last year’s Dance in Library performances here.


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