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Crossrail 2 consultation – Should Crossrail come to Teddington?

Crossrail 2 is a proposed new railway line which would serve London and the wider South East by connecting existing Network Rail networks from Wimbledon in the South and Tottenham Hale in the North, bringing new connections to Central London and Crossrail 1.

Teddington Crossrail
Proposed Crossrail 2 routes

A new public consultation released today (October 27th) allows you to have your say on the new plans including the proposed services between Norbiton and Shepperton (including Teddington station). The South West Main Line is one of the busiest in the country and the services provided by South West Trains regularly provoke angst from customers, who do not feel they are getting a good service for the price they pay.

Much of the congestion is due to the fact that inner London is becoming an increasingly expensive place to live which is forcing many London workers to live further out and commute to work. Services into Waterloo are expected to increase by at least 40% by 2043 and extra capacity will be needed to support this growth. Some would argue they are already unacceptably overcrowded.

TFL and Network Rail hope that Crossrail 2 will alleviate some of these congestion problems with new trains and infrastructure, whilst diverting customers to stations away from the current London Terminals.

The proposals could allow an extra four trains an hour running to London via Kingston, doubling the current capacity. However, the proposals are likely to have a detrimental effect on those wishing to travel on the existing service to Vauxhall and Waterloo despite reassurances that all stations between Norbiton and Shepperton would retain at least 2 trains per hour into Waterloo station. Connections to Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham would be retained.

Make your voice heard via the consultation by clicking here, and share your views with the local community on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

View the fact sheet. 


0 thoughts on “Crossrail 2 consultation – Should Crossrail come to Teddington?

  • Hilary Watson

    I say no, absolutely not – our slightly random train service is what keeps Teddington civilised – if we ramp up the services we’ll become like any other semi suburban commuter town and we have too much to protect in our lovely town/village. The population is only getting to ridiculous levels through the open door policy the UK’s had for too long. If Turkey gets invited in we’re all stuffed (no pun intended!!)….

    • Andrew Baker

      Crossrail 2 will bring massive benefits to Teddington. Increased connectivity to the centre and west of London will mean that people can get into work much more quickly; congestion on the trains will be reduced; and our antiquated infrastructure will get much-need investment. Overall, making Teddington a a better-connected and more desirable place to live.

      Finally, I’m really not sure how you’ve managed to connect Crossrail 2 to immigration…

  • The trouble with train planners is that they think short term and in one direction. i.e. London.
    If they connected Hampton and Hampton court ( yes, expensive i know) along the river it would
    a) create another route and add new commuter loop line
    b) plus offer alternatives when there is a partial line closure to damage, maintenaince, etc.
    and lastly c) encourage users to travel out towards Shepperton; and beyond, and back to London.
    Shepperton, doesn’t go any where – it is a nice cul de sac, but ideally it should link on with a major desination; i.e. either Staines or and Windsor. Or both.
    This would give more choice to users, plus access to London, but would allow access to the Paddington line through Winsor and also Reading via Staines. i.e. Travel two ways! plus to the South and West.
    The trouble is that they all say this is too expensive.
    In the short term , maybe , long term definitely not.
    Whether or not Teddington would like to be part of this plan, or an larger alternative is a good question?
    It should be stop on a better planned system that is more flexible, less historic network that serves the local needs for shopping, leisure and work better as London continues to grow.
    Thank you.

  • Teddington was dropped from Crossrail 2 because it would cause journey times from Strawberry Hill to London to be lengthened and this was deemed to be undesirable. Since most passengers in Teddington travel to London via Richmond (because it is quicker than via Kingston), Crossrail 2 was never really about Teddington. However, passengers will be able to change to Crossrail 2 at Clapham Junction.

    • Teddington has not been dropped from Crossrail 2, and the quickest route to London from Teddington is via Kingston.

      Are you perhaps confusing Teddington with Twickenham?


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