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Teddington CPZ – Parking stays the same in Teddington

The Teddington CPZ review has reached it’s conclusion with there being no change to parking restriction in Teddington.

The consultation first launched in July was brought about by concerns received by the council regarding parking amongst residents. The proposals sought interest  for an increase in the operational hours of the existing Teddington Community Parking Zone and possibly extending or creating a new CPZ to roads not already included.

Teddington parking
Teddington CPZ boundary

The report has today announced that there was insufficient support from local residents for an increase in the hours for the current CPZ. (Currently 8am to 10:30am Mon-Fri) None of the roads in the existing area expressed over the 51% required support for increasing the hours of operation.

The results for the existing scheme are as follows:

  • 20 roads (or parts or roads) consulted, 848 properties
  • 364 (43%) respondents
  • 147 (17%) in favour of increasing the hours
  • 182 (21%) against increasing the hours
  • 35 (4%) neutral / no view

The roads consulted for a new or expanded CPZ also did not show enough support for the scheme. Only 2 roads reached over 51% these were Arlington Road and St Marys Avenue; the council requires more support within an area for any changes to be made.


  • 72 roads (or parts of roads) consulted, 3132 properties
  • 1223 (39%) respondents
  • 572 (18%) in favour of a CPZ
  • 592 (19%) against a CPZ
  • 59 (2%) neutral / no view

Some changes to the parking restriction on Elleray Road will come into place on Monday 30 November 2015, resident parking permits will be required 8:30am to 10pm every day after consultation with residents.

Read the full consultation here.

Are you happy that parking will remain the same? Did you vote for the proposals and wish parking had been tightened in Teddington? Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or leave us a comment below.


0 thoughts on “Teddington CPZ – Parking stays the same in Teddington

  • Ed Randall

    Well done Teddington. In St.Margarets they’ve done it bit by bit, street by street, forcing commuter parking into smaller and smaller spaces so each road gradually capitulates. Now our is the only one left and parking has become a nightmare when there was previously no problem at all.

  • Dr Alexander Hall

    very relieved that the existing wretched CPZ is not being extended.


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