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The Teddington Town Mince Pie Challenge

Today we held the first annual Teddington Town Mince Pie challenge, which saw four impartial judges coming together to judge six locally-sourced mince pies, in order to find the best mince pie in Teddington!

Our judges consisted of Massimo Langella, owner of Shambles Restaurant, local baptist minister Richard Littledale, Cerys Glen from The Bright Click, and local resident Peter Cox.

The pies were purchased from Tesco, local Italian cafe Girasole, London Health Foods, Cavan Bakery, The Fallow Deer and Marks & Spencer.

They were presented to our judges on six separate plates, minus any packaging, and none of the judges were told of the origins of the pies until after the event – it was a completely blind taste-test.

The pies were scored individually, from a maximum of ten points, on just two factors – presentation and taste – so there were 20 points up for grabs for each pie.

So which pie made mincemeat (sorry) of the others, which was the upper crust, (sorry again) and who was the Lord Of The Pies…(enough!) – well you’re about to find out…

In last place was Tesco, which scored 26/40 for presentation, but lacked taste with a lowly score of just 17/40 from our judges.

In fifth place was The Fallow Deer, matching Tesco for presentation, and beating it for taste.

In fourth place was the Gluten Free effort purchased from London Health Foods – this scored nicely on presentation as it had a ‘star’ crust, but lacked a little in flavour.

In third place was a solid effort from Marks & Spencer, scoring a respectable total of 56/80.

Runner-up was a delicious pie from the Cavan bakery, polling a decent 58/80.

But there was one clear winner, and what a winner it was. The Girasole mince pie was simply ‘to pie for’ (ENOUGH!) and scored an incredible 74/80, with most judges opting to go back and finish their’s at the end!

The spare pie didn’t last long either.

So there you have it – this year’s winner of the best mince pie in Teddington Town is Girasole!

And the good news is there’s still time to get yourself down there and try them for yourselves…

Watch the video here:

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The noteLocal minister Richard Littledale, one of the four judges involved, has written and narrated ‘The Note’ – with all proceeds going to Tommy’s, the baby charity. Find out more here. 



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