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Teddington Town – Photo of the Week

Hi everybody, we hope you’ve had a great week. It’s Friday and that means we’ve been looking over at some of the photos of different parts of Teddington Town sent into us this week and those generally floating around on social media.

We’ve picked our favourites this week and have to say, we’ve been so impressed by the sheer quality of snap we’re finding. Some amazingly talented people out there.

Why not give it a go yourself? Either tag us in at @Teddington_Town or simply post the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos.

Here’s the top 5 from this week!

#5 – Winter sunshine in #Teddington.

#4 – A wonderful shot which screams out that summer is on the way.


#3 – Great shot of the Women’s Irish Rugby Team practising.

#2 – Perfect looking morning at Teddington Lock.


#1 – A wonderfully colourful Teddington Lock Bridge.


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