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Teddington Town – Photo of the Week

Happy Friday!

The sun has been peeking out this week and it looks as if Spring is definitely on the way. As much as we love the eerie cloudy shots, it will be nice to see some glimmering green from you all as we move further into March.

We’ve been on Twitter today looking over the awesome work you guys do when you’re walking the dog, or cycling to work and it’s always hard to pick our favourites.

Why not give it a go yourself next week? Either tag us in at @Teddington_Town or simply post the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos.

Here’s the top 5 from this week!

#5 – Sunset in the high-street in Teddington.


#4 – Up close and personal.

#3 – The cutest photo you’ll see this week. Love this one.


#2 – An extremely misty Teddington Lock.

#1 – Perfect shot of calm, with the sun just breaking through.


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