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Teddington Town – Photo of the Week

Good afternoon Teddington Town followers!

April is finally here, meaning we’re a quarter (yes 1/4!) of our way through the year. Amazing! The clocks changing means that those bitter morning walks have turned into bright strolls with a lot of different types of snap to take and we’ve seen a few excellent ones this week.

Why not give it a go yourself next week? Either tag us in at @Teddington_Town or simply post the hashtag #TeddingtonPhotos.

Have a great weekend and avoid being taken for any more April Fools jokes today. Here’s the top 5 from this week!

#5 – Wonderful sky shot, although that’s not a UFO is it?

#4 – It’s great weather to get out and play some sports, that’s why we like this one.

#3 – A great example of Spring in full flow.

#2 – Boats on display in Teddington.

#1 – This one makes number 1 this week for obvious reasons. Enjoy retirement Alan!


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