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High Street Update

Boy it takes a long time to build a Sainsbury’s doesn’t it… After what’s been 3 years of local strife the Sainsbury’s on Langham Road where Calligaris (moved to Kingston) used to be is still not built. Daily movements from builders and contractors can be seen if you’re lucky enough to admire the view from the upper deck of the bus – otherwise we’ve been subjected to hoardings for over 4 months. Something that is a shame to see at the start of our beautiful High Street and a conservation area. No official word on opening but we’d guess at least a month away – (In August 2015 they said 6-8 weeks).

sains demo


Talking of Sainsbury’s, the other store in the pipeline on Kingston Road has been approved and demolition completed of the old retail unit. When we asked for opinions from locals in December – it wasn’t exactly met with much appeal but with the hardware store and Teddington Mini Market also closed – a big name such as this can only be good news to support the other stores along Kingston Road.

The other big development has obviously been Holland & Barrett opening where Play Inside Out used to be. There’s been disdain that a chain store would open only a few stores down from London Health Foods, Teddington’s local and formerly only health food store.

London Health Foods are upbeat that sales will remain strong and support from locals should ensure that both businesses can be a part of our High Street for years to come. We did a quick scan of some key products in both stores and found London Health Foods to be the cheaper of the two and with great health advice from staff who know their stuff, customers are now spoilt for choice. Did you know – London Health Foods is actually cheaper than Tesco’s across the road with their gluten free bread range – so don’t always assume the independents are more expensive!

Other updates:

  • Bed City closed at the end of their lease after the site being up for let for a while now. Despite the rumours there isn’t a Next or Iceland moving in.
  • Itabashi has opened where Dusty Miller used to be. Great reviews (see ours) so check it out!
  • TCS is closed – no new tenants
  • Canta Napoli is closed and was due to reopen under a new name Giusi. Window notice.
  • Morrison’s will not be returning as a M Local – Still very much to let.
  • Bombay Spice is closed as is Bilas Tandoori.
  • La Cloche at the Lion has changed ownership to Moran Hospitality – we hope they continue the good work with a popular local pub.

Need a drink? Tipplesworth Cocktails are taking over Divine At No.12’s spot on Church Road. They provide cocktails cases, kits and a whole lot of other fun that looks like an exciting addition to Teddington – we look forward to welcoming them but you can find out more about them on their website. Nice leasing Milestone!

Big Smoke Co brewery based in Surbiton were looking at taking the Teds site which has now closed but are now expanding elsewhere.

And lastly Let’s Grow Wild are still very much in business and back Thursday – Saturday on the corner of Church Road.

lets grow wild

Don’t forget – Totally Locally Teddington‘s Amazing April draw kicks off for 2 weeks on Saturday 16th April 2016. Spend just £5 in local retailers to be entered into a £340 prize draw! Details below.

amazing april draw



One thought on “High Street Update

  • It is a shame the La Cloche at the Lion was sold. We love going there. However, I fear the Moran Hospitality group will destroy La Cloche at the Lion and what made it great. Moran’s previous pubs are not local comfy places where one can go with the dog after a walk in Bushy and enjoy a long slow lunch with amazing food.

    The Moran hotels are cold, soulless, and geared to make as much money as possible with the largest margins (and with the end result of flipping them to a larger commercial hotel group). Essentially cheap quality at moderately high prices, with the justification being a shiny fit out. Moran’s experience is in mass market accommodation and the food to suit. They are not really for Teddington. Not sure we will be regulars any more.


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