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What’s Happening This Week In and Around Teddington?

Meet Teddington Action Group

If you think aircraft noise has been bad recently, remember that the government may be deciding on a 3rd runway at Heathrow in the next few months. Read more.

Hold the Hearse

Hold the Hearse! An interactive, extraordinary theatrical journey through a myriad of museum collections that have impacted on the lives of the Mad, the Bad and the Unruly in our midst. Read more.

A Summer Garland Presented By Teddington Summer Music

A Summer Garland is a medley of words and music reflecting the “Teddington in Bloom” weekend, featuring works by Shakespeare, Kipling, Yeats, Mozart, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Poulenc, Joplin and others. Read more.

Thames Philharmonia Concert

Cellist Christina Meissner (Weimar, Germany) joins Thames Philharmonia to perform one of the greatest cello concertos. Dvorak’s gloriously romantic concerto is complemented by his Wanda overture and his Symphonic Variations. Read more.

Panini Euro 2016 Sticker “Swap Station”

Complete your Panini Euro 2016 sticker book faster, easier & in an a affordable way… Our first one will be on the 12th June at Shambles. Read more.

LA Traviata

La Traviata (the fallen woman) tells the moving story of how a beautiful but doomed courtesan, Violetta, in the Paris of 1850, finds true love but then has to sacrifice her real happiness for the sake of her lover’s reputation. Read more.



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