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Teddington school celebrates 40 year partnership with German school

Teddington school has been welcoming students from Geschwister-Scholl-Schule in South Germany since 1976.

The partnership between the two schools has seen students travel to stay with their German pen pals for a week in Konstanz, with the last set of pupils travelling out their in June.

Art teacher Dave Reuben, a former pupil, was among one of the first groups to make the trip, “It was truly an incredible week. It really stands out as one of my favourite memories of my time at Teddington.

“Although the culture is not dissimilar at the time it all felt so strange and new. I got on really well with my pen friend Sylvia and her family.

“It’s wonderful that the children I am now teaching get those same opportunities I had all those years ago.”

The pupil’s German friends were welcomed to Teddington last September where they enjoyed trips to Madame Tussauds, Hampton Court and the London Eye.


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