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Conservative councillor will hold London Mayor to account over Quantum’s Udney Park plans

Tony Arbour, a Conservative Councillor in Richmond has refuted any fears that Udney Park playing fields will be built on as the ongoing saga with Quantum group and the public continues.

The plans involve Quantum building a large elderly care facility and even a large amount of flats on the playing fields that are used by several sports teams and have come under heavy scrutiny in recent weeks.

Richmond council held a public consultation last week which allowed their views to be held however, Arbour has reassured the local residents that he will not allow any building on the area.

“Conservative Councillors and the current Council will not permit any development on this land. Loss of open land is for ever and no matter how they dress it up Quantum would profit at the community’s expense if any building is allowed.

“You may be sure that I will hold the current Mayor to Boris’s commitment not to lose the playing fields.”

The proposals will see 34% of the park used for the care homes while the rest will remain sports pitches, the area is currently used regularly by a variety of sports teams including Teddington RFC who supported the plans.

Locals opposing the plans believe it should be kept entirely for sports use as it had belonged to the Imperial College London.

Gareth Bullock, from Friends of Udney Park, said: “Our view is that it’s like taking someone’s dinner away, giving them half of it back, and asking them to be grateful.

“It’s 13 acres of the best playing fields in the borough that has a shortage of playing fields.”


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