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Turing House School to leave Teddington after site was deemed too small

Controversial Turing House School, which was temporarily based in Teddington will be moved to Whitton after a deal was struck to buy some land from Hounslow Council. 

Over the past 18 months, the Education Funding Agency (EFA) has been looking to find a permanent site for the school. The school’s current site on Queen’s Road, was deemed not large enough to be a long-term option.

The school will continue to have around 80% of it’s students from Teddington with 20% of it’s intake coming from the surrounding area.

Richmond Council’s Lord True criticized the school after the school’s adjudicator approved the admissions policy.

Cllr Paul Hodgins, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Schools, said:

“I am glad that the EFA and Turing House have now agreed terms for a location for the school. We have long held the view that the borough will need additional secondary school places in a few years’ time.

“Once completed, this school will give certainty to parents, and done well, I’m confident it will be an excellent school that is a valuable asset not only to the borough, but its local community in Whitton and Heathfield.

“One issue that must now be corrected is the published admissions policy. The school has already committed to reviewing the policy for when they move to the permanent site. I will continue to represent residents on this issue.”


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