Teddington Town Christmas mince pie competition

Christmas is coming – Teddington Town’ers. But what would Christmas be if we didn’t have some excellent local businesses participating in an excessive mince pie contest, I hear you ask?

We wouldn’t want to let you down this Christmas so we rounded up our friends from Shambles Bar, Trackback, Do-Events and Ribs and Burgers to try and test some mince pies to determine which is the best in the annual Teddington Town Mince Pie Competition.

First of our judges was Massimo from Shambles Bar, who even provided some of his own mince pies, though his judging on his own was handicapped to match the other judges to ensure that it was all fair! Shambles is a family-run traditional Italian restaurant, long-established and much-loved in Teddington.

Then we have Tom from Trackback, eager to get into the festive spirit –  and the mince pies – Tom was more than excited to participate in the competition. Trackback are based in Teddington and provide call tracking services to the automotive industry.

Taste is a big factor in the judging of mince pies so having tasted the food in Ribs and Burgers we called upon their Jason who clearly has great taste. Ribs and Burgers is the newest restaurant in Teddington, amazing burgers, ribs and craft beer for families, friends and couples alike.

And our final judge is Caroline from Do-Events which was established in 2010 and plan weddings and corporate events nationally.

We won’t spoil the results for you but this video does come with a health warning that you will crave mince pies after watching it!

Merry Christmas from Teddington Town and our friends that took part.


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